Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Told You So

I told you she should have stuck to her day job.

Celebrity stylist turned fashion designer Rachel Zoe, previewed her collection yesterday and thanks to a fashion news director with a memory like an elephant, Zoe can be called out for exactly what she is- a hack. A hack with no creativity or talent at that. Pictured above is a photo tweeted by Teen Vogue's Jane Keltner de Valle showing Zoe styling a Vogue intern in a dress credited as "What Comes Around Goes Around vintage dress" in October 2007 on the left. On the right is a photo of one of Zoe's so called designs. Now, I'm no designer, and I do understand how one may be inspired by pieces they have seen in the past, but I am going to stand out on the ledge here and proclaim this an almost identical copy. Vintage inspired replica I suppose? Rachel, I suggest you go back to what you're good at- convincing young starlets to starve themselves and blogging like a teenage girl. Leave the designing to those who know how. (The person who ACTUALLY designed this dress, for example.)


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