Thursday, March 31, 2011

Free Sasha

Sasha Pivovarova for Free People April 2011

Live In My Closet Please

I couldn't pick just one. I had a hard time narrowing it down to 4. I would like one of each please, the whole outfit, from All Saints.

All Saints, is in my opinion, the hippest clothing retailer there is for women, men, and children. (see my post on their kid's clothes *here*) Started in 1994 in England, All Saints has since branched out throughout Europe and the United States and also has a major presence on the world wide web.

All Saints, BE my closet please.

J'adore Dior

Actress Marion Cotillard for Lady Dior handbags

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My 9yr. Old Is Hotter Than Your 9yr. Old

Oooohhh Abercrombie.

Take a second look at this photo. It's not just a swimsuit I saw, thought was cute, and decided to share. This is not a "Live In My Closet Please" folks, this is a screen shot of a push up swimsuit- for little girls.

Abercrombie, a company known by me as the store I can't even walk past because of the overwhelming smell of their perfume which is rumored to be pushed through their air vents, and by their target consumer, tweens and teenagers 7 years and up, as the place you buy your clothes if you want to be noticed in middle school. Overpriced, too short denim shorts, mass produced plaids, chatchy polos, and now, push up swimsuits. Everything a 7 year old ever needed, all under one, smell engulfing roof.

I can't bring myself to pick sides in this argument. Is it gross to try to sexualize a young child? Absolutely. Is it a massive company's responsibility to make sure it doesn't happen? No. It is a parent's. Abercrombie's sole purpose is to sell sell sell and they'll sell whatever they think you'll buy. Anyway lets face it folks, if it's not padded for them, they'll shove tissue in their tops and make it padded.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Awkward Beauties

Ming Xi & Hanne Gaby, both of Ford Models, for Vogue China's Beauty supplement.


Spring Break

Vivienne Westwood, King Street, Manchester United Kingdom

After an awesome couple of weeks in England we're back to reality and back to the grindstone. Finding myself still on a bit of vacay euphoria, I find the need to brag, just a tiny bit.

Courtesy of my fabulous, soon to be mother in law.

Courtesy of the world's most handsome, kind, hilarious, and all around wonderful man, my fiancee Otto. Sorry ladies, the date is set. He. Is. Taken.

Next vacay the Dior store in Sao Paulo? Hmmm, maybe. May-be.


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Rest & Relaxation

The Fitting Room is taking a little holiday abroad & will return in 2 weeks with more over opinionated views of all things fashion. <3

Live In My Closet Please

TBA Gathered Sheer Back Ballerina Print Jumpsuit at ASOS

Monday, March 7, 2011

Campaign Equivalent To Ambien

For months now many (not I) waited in anticipation for the Blake Lively Chanel campaign. Well folks, here it is, and as I expected- YAWN. Nothing exciting. The problem is, Lively looks like she acts- slow, monotone, oddly whispery. It's as though I keep. Waiting. For. Something. To. Happen. And it never does. Damnit Lagerfeld, this could have been awesome. Instead I am bored.

In other not so exciting news, Gisele's H&M campaign has been released.

They must have raised their day rate.

H&M- stick with Freya another season! Let's keep throw away fashion hip for awhile, huh?


Friday, March 4, 2011

Models Never Lie

Well, well, well, looks like Women's newest it girl isn't so new after all....

Britt Maren, or Maren Stavinoha rather, burst onto the fashion scene after opening Alexander Wang's S/S 10 show this past fall. Since then her chart has been full of bookings from clients such as American Vogue and W Magazine, and all that time she & her agency spread her tale of a girl plucked from obscurity in Texas and brought to New York a mere weeks before the season that changed her life. So now, I gotta call a big, loud, BS! I am not dogging this girl, I think she's beautiful and I find it truly heartening that a girl who has busted her ass and paid her dues makes good. What I find bothersome is, why the lie? Why can't she be Maren Stavinoha, used to be signed with Click but after a move to a better agency, Women, finally got noticed by the right people? What is with fashion's obsession with youth and "freshness"? Could it be that Maren is actually much older than her claimed 20 years and her agency is afraid that will scare away potential clients? Quite possibly. Still lame, because past puberty or not, if a girl is beautiful and knows how to model, does age or previous modeling history really matter that much? It shouldn't, but hey, what do I know. Congratulations Miss Maren- I hope one day you come out with an autobiographical tell all where you expose the fact that you're actually 30 and fooled all your fashion clients into making you a millionaire.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Wouldn't Touch It With A 10ft Pole

House of Holland F/W 2011 featuring Henry Holland, Pixie Geldof & Dree Hemingway

I could have taken this more seriously and found the humor in it had it not been for the casting of Dree Hemingway. She really does cheapen any situation, doesn't she? Eek. Why is she a model again? Ah yes, that's right. Famous genealogy. Must. Be. Nice.

Those Crazy Parisians...

Balmain's Christopher Decarnin

There must be something in that Paris air. First Galliano has a very public, career damaging crazy attack in public (and camera) view, and now, Balmain's Christopher Decarnin was mysteriously absent from the collection's F/W 2011 show today. Rumor has it he ducked into a mental hospital back in January and that the collection was actually designed by his in-house team. Balmain owner, Alain Hivelin, tried to dispel rumours by saying something along the lines that Decarnin had not gone crazy, he was simply tired and at home resting. Sure... a lot of designers skip their own shows to get a little shut eye, totally buying it!

In better news for the company, the collection is pretty fantastic.

Balmain F/W 2011


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Fashionable Game of Musical Chairs


....when the eff did this happen? IMG wasn't make her enough money, or they got sick of being hit in the head every time she didn't book a job?

The Courtroom Drama

Stylecaster speculates that this editorial by Alexi Lubomirski for Russian Vogue featuring Constance Jablonski may be inspried by Lindsay Lohan. Your thoughts?

If you're like me, you don't care. You'd just like Lohan to go away.

Great editorial though.