Monday, January 24, 2011

Cup Size Confusion

Growing up I was always the too skinny, flat chested girl. I didn't start developing anything that couldn't hang out in a training bra until I was almost 18 and by this point I had become ok with the idea that I would never have a voluptuous chest. In fact, the older I got the more thankful I became for my 32Bs. They were big enough to give me some cleavage when wanted and small enough that I could still go bra less in plunging necklines or on super humid days.

This past weekend, without a care in the world I wandered into Victoria's Secret. Seeing a bra I liked I mosied on in to try it on. The theft tag was placed very near the hooks so I had to ask the dressing room attendant to help me get the bra closed. Imagine my amazement when the lady clipped the bra and exclaimed, "Oh dear, you need a much larger size than that!" I explained to to her that no, in almost 30 years of life and close to 15 years of bra wearing days I have always, always been a 32B. "Not anymore!" she explained.

Just to prove the absurdity of my afternoon, I bought the 32D bra that apparently is my "perfect" fit to show my fiancee. My mind was reeling on the way home- why the sudden and rather large jump in my cup size? Weight gain? Pregnancy? Neither of these possibilities appealed to me whatsoever.

My fiancee swears my breasts don't look any larger, and I haven't gained nor am I expecting. I have to admit though, the bra feels great. Then again- so does one of my favorite 32B numbers I bought a few weeks ago. I have to wonder, is it a marketing ploy? VS has some of the most sexed up advertising I have ever seen. So much in fact, you'd think they were marketing to men rather than women (ahem!)... So do they think by offering different sizing us girls with little boobs are going to feel sexier when they tell us we have a large chest? Are we going to want to buy more of their bras? It's possible. If anything, I am just more confused.


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