Wednesday, May 25, 2011

You Are What You Make Yourself, But Your Always Welcome Here

Blurring the lines of fashion, art, and politics comes the brainchild of contemporary American painter, William Quigley, Skrapper teeshirts.

Considered "high end" clothing for those who enjoy luxury but wouldn't be caught dead in a suit, Skrapper tees, designed by photographer/designer Katie Theofilos, combine Quigley's art with grafitti style graphics. Their website boasts that they are a "fight cry for our generation of Americans." Groovy.

Although a bit pricey (the cheapest I found online was $70!) Skrapper tees are considered a piece of art, so I guess when you think of it that way, you're getting a deal.

Those of you in the midwest can check out the Skrapper sample sale in Milwaukee at The Londonberry Showroom starting Friday May 27th. Details follow in flyer below.


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