Monday, May 16, 2011

Because It Went So Well the First Time

Some of the saddest news I have heard in a bit- America's Next Top Model is coming out with an All Stars season. Apparently these wanna be model's haven't quite realized it just ain't gonna happen for them, or, that actual real, successful modeling careers aren't launched on television. Name me one WINNER of the series who sustains herself solely on the modeling career she began on the show and you'll win a prize. For real.

Followed is some of the reported cast. Some, because I don't care enough to look them all up.

Cycle 1 runner up Shannon Stewart. She was at one time signed with Bleu Mgmt in Los Angeles and judging by this Dillards ad I found via google, worked at least once.

Oh look, someone invited this one to a party. Good for her making friends! Brittany Bower of cycle 4. She's got to be hitting close to 40 by now, no?

Ah christ, this one too. Hasn't anyone told Tyra that models are children, not middle aged women starving for attention? Lisa D'amato, cycle 5. (didn't she piss herself or something??)

Bree Scullark of cycle 5 used to be on Ford's New York and LA boards. Maybe they dropped her when she went all "Shaniqua" on some lady in a NYC Starbucks. Read about that, here.

And that folks, is all I have the stomach for. If you really care, find the rest of the All Star cast at Zap 2 It.



  1. Elyse sewell, mollie sue, Toccara Jones (Vogue italia spread), etc

    My prize please

  2. Anyone can work as a model in Asia. Seriously, anyone. And Toccara did one spread in Italian Vogue and we call her a model? How about she was relevant at the time and for that particular issue?

  3. Did Elyse appear in Vogue ?