Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Baby Don't Hurt Me, No More

So maybe the decade technically ended last New Years, but I missed the boat. With 2010 rolled up in there The Fitting Room offers you without further adieu, the Top Ten Worst Fashion & Beauty Trends (that I could think of) of the Past Decade!

Kate Gosselin, a woman who is famous for nothing but popping out a bunch of rugrats, gets one more star in her book as far as I am concerned. Kate should also be famous for introducing America to the absolute worst haircut of the decade. Whomever told her this was a good idea needs their cosmetology license stripped immediately.

Over tanning. Aside from being dangerous to your health, it's also an eyesore. As if Paris isn't dirty enough already, I just want to wipe her face. Eggghhh.

(Photo courtesy of The Flint Skinny)
Uggs- just don't do it. I don't care if they're comfortable. Being naked is comfortable too and generally you don't do that in public. Don't believe me? See what the Husband of the Year has to say about it- he makes some good points as well.

Dresses over pants. What's the point really?

5 & 6.
Ladies and gentleman, Pete Wentz doing us the pleasure of killing two birds with one stone- men with bangs & men wearing makeup. Not hot even if you're into that semigay straight man thing. What? It's not metro, it's punk? Please, there is nothing bad boy about a man who trims his bangs and is running a few minutes late because he has to apply his guy liner. No thank you.

Lady Gaga. Enough said.

Hair extensions. Trust me ladies, you'd look better with short hair.

Anything to do with New Jersey.

"Replica" designer bags. Let's be honest, the real designer ones aren't that great either, so what's the point of carrying around a fake one? If you're playing rich, trust me, the jig is up when people get a glimpse of your car and or apartment. A faux bag is fooling no one.

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