Monday, June 14, 2010

Gucci to take a bite out of Cadbury?

Seems that the owner's of Alexander McQueen's label are debating legal action against Cadbury. Yes, Cadbury the well known global chocolate and sweet treat company. No, this isn't a case were they can't slip into their Gucci leggings anymore ala McDonalds vs the fat New Yorker, rather, Gucci is upset about the new Cadbury Flake campaign. The campaign features a woman floating in a billowing gown against a black background as a way to demonstrate the candy's "delicate, wispy layers." Gucci is irked because they believe the imagery hits a little too close to home and looks an awful lot like McQueen's 2006 catwalk background of a Kate Moss hologram floating in an equally billowy dress. The kicker? Both videos were directed by Baillie Walsh. Perhaps he's amidst a creative block and decided to revisit an old idea... You be the judge. See McQueen's video here and Cadbury's here.


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