Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Fire Your Stylist.

I am intentionally not writing a novel on the horrendousness that was the fashion on display at this week's MTV Movie Awards. Why? It would take too long. Rather, we'll just take a quick peek at a few of the looks that I literally had a physical reaction to. Case in point, pictured above, second time offender Lindsay Lohan in a silver Pamela Roland jumper. This gawdy little number strategically kept her SCRAM bracelet out of view while giving us a lovely peek at her deflated, saggy chest. I came across a closeup of this photo and threw up in my mouth a little bit. Miss Lohan, I am telling you, for the 2nd time- please, for the love of mankind, fire your stylist.

Vanessa Hudgens in Jenny Packham & Paris Hilton in Blumarine; were there worst dressed than the two of you? Obviously, they invited the cast of The Jersey Shore, but you two bug me. Miss Vanessa, did no one ever tell you that going out in public in your babydoll nightgown is mildly inappropriate at your age unless you're a hooker? And Paris, those feathers combined with that nose of yours makes you look like a pigeon. And wash your face! All that makeup does nothing but draw attention to that wonky eye of yours. Ladies, fire your stylist immediately if not sooner.
Photos courtesy of MTV.

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