Thursday, June 24, 2010

Because Madonna needs more $

I must admit, I kind of hoped this day would never come. But alas, Madonna and daughter Lourdes fashion line for junior girls, Material Girl, will be launching at Macys on August 30th. Images of the actual line have not surfaced yet, be they have released the sketches shown below. I guess I shouldn't be surprised that these sketches are boring knock offs of everything being sold at Forever 21 at the moment- it is, after all, designed by an old, boring pop star and her 13 year old daughter. What really annoys me is this sudden insurgence of "fashion designers." Just because you have money folks, does not a fashion designer make. Skinny jeans, plaid, and a leather jacket? I'll be damned! Who would have thought! (*Wha Wha Whhhaaaaa*) Stick to what you're good at people! Madonna, keep being a really great lip synching performer with questionable moral fiber and your daughter should just continue to spend your money.

I'm bored with this already.


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