Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My 9yr. Old Is Hotter Than Your 9yr. Old

Oooohhh Abercrombie.

Take a second look at this photo. It's not just a swimsuit I saw, thought was cute, and decided to share. This is not a "Live In My Closet Please" folks, this is a screen shot of a push up swimsuit- for little girls.

Abercrombie, a company known by me as the store I can't even walk past because of the overwhelming smell of their perfume which is rumored to be pushed through their air vents, and by their target consumer, tweens and teenagers 7 years and up, as the place you buy your clothes if you want to be noticed in middle school. Overpriced, too short denim shorts, mass produced plaids, chatchy polos, and now, push up swimsuits. Everything a 7 year old ever needed, all under one, smell engulfing roof.

I can't bring myself to pick sides in this argument. Is it gross to try to sexualize a young child? Absolutely. Is it a massive company's responsibility to make sure it doesn't happen? No. It is a parent's. Abercrombie's sole purpose is to sell sell sell and they'll sell whatever they think you'll buy. Anyway lets face it folks, if it's not padded for them, they'll shove tissue in their tops and make it padded.

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