Friday, March 4, 2011

Models Never Lie

Well, well, well, looks like Women's newest it girl isn't so new after all....

Britt Maren, or Maren Stavinoha rather, burst onto the fashion scene after opening Alexander Wang's S/S 10 show this past fall. Since then her chart has been full of bookings from clients such as American Vogue and W Magazine, and all that time she & her agency spread her tale of a girl plucked from obscurity in Texas and brought to New York a mere weeks before the season that changed her life. So now, I gotta call a big, loud, BS! I am not dogging this girl, I think she's beautiful and I find it truly heartening that a girl who has busted her ass and paid her dues makes good. What I find bothersome is, why the lie? Why can't she be Maren Stavinoha, used to be signed with Click but after a move to a better agency, Women, finally got noticed by the right people? What is with fashion's obsession with youth and "freshness"? Could it be that Maren is actually much older than her claimed 20 years and her agency is afraid that will scare away potential clients? Quite possibly. Still lame, because past puberty or not, if a girl is beautiful and knows how to model, does age or previous modeling history really matter that much? It shouldn't, but hey, what do I know. Congratulations Miss Maren- I hope one day you come out with an autobiographical tell all where you expose the fact that you're actually 30 and fooled all your fashion clients into making you a millionaire.


  1. Graduated from HS in Texas May 2006

  2. 1- because her mother agency, who makes a % off of everything she makes, wouldn't lie? 2- if graduated in 2006, she is in fact, older than her claimed 20 yrs. But your attempt at shooting the theory down is appreciated. Even if it still doesn't answer why they pretend she's a new face.