Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Terry Put Your Pants On.

What I’m not surprised about- Terry Richardson being a pervert. What I am surprised about- someone finally having the guts to say it out loud.

During a party at Le Montana in St. Germain, model Rie Rasmussen confronted famed photographer Terry Richardson by accusing him of abusing his power and putting young girls in compromising positions. Anyone who has seen Richardson’s photography would understand. If nudity is not involved, strong sexual content almost always is.

Rasmussen told the New York Post,

"He takes girls who are young, manipulates them to take their clothes off and takes pictures of them they will be ashamed of. They are too afraid to say no because their agency booked them on the job and are too young to stand up for themselves.”

One might say that this could be a matter of opinion, and they’re right. Can Rasmussen prove that Richardson makes models feel this way? Nope. But surprise surprise, days later, Jamie Peck, writer for The Gloss , decided to share her Terry Richardson experience, and it wasn’t a good one.

Peck explains that being asked to pose nude wasn’t the problem. In fact, she had done it many times before. The problem for her was that Richardson was the only photographer who had ever given her the creeps while doing so.

Red flag #1- Richardson asks Peck to call him “Uncle Terry.” Ewww. Anyway, a bit star struck perhaps, she obliges.

Red flag # 2- Richardson takes his pants off to reveal his shockingly (shocking to me, because looking at the guy, who’d have thunk it?) large penis. Eww eww eww. If I hadn’t left when he said “call me uncle” this is where I would have made my exit for sure. Peck stayed.

Red flag #3- Richardson asks for a hand job and explains that if Peck can make him come, she gets an A+. Peck should have failed the course, but sadly, got her grade.

Not that this all isn’t disturbing, but to add icing to the cake, Richardson’s assistants were not only all standing around watching what was happening, one had the pleasure of giving Peck a towel when she was finished. Errr, when Richardson finished.

What I find very responsible is that Peck isn’t placing all the blame on Richardson. She admits that she was not forced to do anything, but does explain that she felt coaxed and knew from the very beginning that she was not comfortable with what was going down. It makes you wonder how many models have the same kind of experience with Richardson. Where they’re not perhaps, forced into anything, but rather, feel obligated. After all, they’re in the presence of greatness with Mr. Richardson. Anyone who is anyone has or wants to be shot by him. So how far will some girls go? And is Richardson to be blamed, or is her merely a man? There’s no law stating that one cannot use their celebrity to charm others into bed with him, I’m sure unattractive actors and athletes do it everyday.

Just look at his face- if he wasn’t a celebrity, wouldn’t it just scream pedophile wanted poster?

Mr. Richardson, you may not be a criminal, but you certainly are a creepy perv. Models beware.

Read Jamie Peck's full story at The

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