Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Zac Posen jumps on the bandwagon...

Generally I am very excited when I hear that one of my favorite designers is creating a low price point line for a chain retailer. I was giddy with the first glimpse of Sonia Rykiel's line for H&M (debuting December 5th) and am still in love with my Vera Wang for Kohls comforter set. What I think is lame, is when these designer's believe that $78 for a tee shirt is reasonable simply because their clothing generally costs in the upper $1000's for a piece. Yes, that's quite a drop from what you usually charge, and for your clientele that is able and willing to drop $4000 for a cocktail dress, $78 is a great deal. For those of us living in the real world though, please, I'll go to Old Navy and buy a $4 tee shirt and call it a day.

What brought on this rant you ask? Designer Zac Posen has recently announced the launch of his chic sportswear line, Z Spoke, which will be sold exclusively (for now) at Saks. Saks has carried Posen's original line since 2004 so considerate of Posen to return the favor by giving them the exclusive. However....

Posen is known for his red carpet master pieces, and while I get it, he won't be putting the effort into a less high end line, he describes the new venture as "minimalist and utilitarian." Hmm, doesn't exactly conjure up thoughts of what Posen is known for, does it?

While giving Jessica Iredale of WWD fame a sneak peek of the collection, Posen held up a tee shirt and asked "Opening price point is what, $88?"

$88??? For a tee shirt? Really? Well no, Posen was off a bit. It's $78. Phew! SO MUCH BETTER!!! What a deal!


Have no doubt though, this line will sell. Why you ask? Because of the Zac Posen name. Which proves my theory that when people know nothing about fashion, they will buy overpriced whatever because it says Zac Posen, Ralph Lauren, Armani, ect. Note to those of you with the itch to up your fashion ante- a tee shirt from Walmart looks the same as a tee shirt from Zac Posen when worn under your favorite sweater. Unless of course Posen's is lined with gold and comes with a rent controlled loft on the lower eastside. Just saying...

Old Zac vs New Zac
Mr. Posen, just because we're broke, doesn't mean we're boring....


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  1. Couldn't of said it any better. Kudos!