Monday, November 16, 2009

We get it, you rule the world...

Looks like retail giant Forever 21 thinks it needs more money to pad it's piggy bank.

This Friday, Forever 21 will launch it's own magazine. The mag will be released quarterly, and will be much like H&M's quarterly released magazine, however, this one you have to spend some money to get- while free to view online, if you're interested in having an actual hardcopy of the mag, you're going to have to spend at least $40. Consider it a "gift" with purchase.

The first issue includes an interview with Muse NYC mannequin Georgie, interviews with 5 up and coming bloggers (damn- we didn't make the cut this time folks!), fashion tips, blah blah. I'll save my $40 and put it on a bet that this thing is chalk full of advertorials and yet more reasons we should all shop at Forever 21. Know what I would pay to see? An interview with Forever 21 owner and founder, Do-Won Chang explaining why a company so religious that they print 3:16 on the bottom of ever bag sells sequined bra tops and other various forms of skank wear to any 14 year old willing to dish out $15.00.


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