Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Child Labor

Really. You're not that cute.

11 year old Cecilia Cassini is the self proclaimed "youngest fashion designer" in America. Her clothes are a tiny version of something you would imagine Paris Hilton would wear. Yes, ewww. But either way, more power to her for being more "successful" and sadly, probably richer, than I am while she's only in the 6th grade. Anyway- I have to wonder, what is our fascination with small things? Think about it. This girl isn't a talented designer and she's a diva brat who needs to be reeled in a bit (see video below), but she's small, and young, so we love her? Second example- Tavi of Style Rookie. At 11 years old this kid starts a fashion blog and since, has been invited to fashion shows all over the world and appeared in New York Times Magazine and Teen Vogue. And for what? For being a fashion icon? Please. Find me one outfit this kid has put together that any self respecting, fashionable adult would wear and I will give you my Louboutins. And hello- some of the worlds most in demand supermodels have yet to celebrate their 18th birthdays. What's the deal folks? Are we dried up at 20 yrs now? *Shudders* I dread to think.

Video courtesy of Style It

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  1. OMG What's up with her!!!!! This youth obsession and ageism have gone out of control!!!