Thursday, July 22, 2010

Three's a crowd? Well how about four?

The editors of UK Elle, British Vogue, Swedish Elle, and W Magazine all had a big surprise when they stopped at their local magazine stand this month. All four major fashion publications featured the same Miu Miu applique dress on their cover. Lorraine Candy, the editor of British Vogue explained that while it is not uncommon for the same dress to be used simultaneously on magazine covers in different countries, it is pretty much unheard of that the same dress be used on more than one magazine cover in the same country.

"In ten years of editing I have never known this to happen," she says.

So whose to blame for this blunder? It's hard to say. Miu Miu could have, in fact, broken an unwritten rule by allowing the dress to be shipped to four major publications for cover use, but it has also been speculated that perhaps one of the magazines may have been trying to one up a rival. Either way, score one for Miu Miu. As if four covers at a time wasn't enough publicity, the banter about it now will surely garner them even more attention.

The dress in question shown here in orange (dubbed Satsuma Sensation) & lilac on the runway.


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