Friday, December 4, 2009

For your online shopping pleasure.... ModCloth

Stalking friends on Facebook today, I happened to notice an advertisement on the side
with a photo of a dress that made me take notice. After a warning about leaving Facebook blah blah I was redirected to ModCloth, a "Mod Retro Indie Clothing & Vintage Clothes" website.

The birth of ModCloth is a pretty impressive story in my opinion. Started by high school couple (now married) Eric and Susan in 2006, these kids managed to run this small business while attending college together from their dorm rooms. Now a full time job and booming business, ModCloth is a virtual boutique other retailers need to look out for.

At first glance at the site I was excited about many of the pieces. Not a fan of chain shopping, it was refreshing to see that while obviously some of the clothing is recognizable, as it should be to be commercial, the majority of it is unique, different, and I can't think off the top of my head where I could find a look alike in my local mall. Score one for ModCloth.

What makes this site different from other online retailers is that not only does much of their bulk merchandise look somewhat vintage, they actually have a category of one of a kind vintage pieces that they sell as well. But be quick to order if you find the handbag of your dreams- as these truly are one ofs, it's a first come first serve situation.

The one con of ModCloth? While I am admittedly a bit cheap, much of their clothing seems a tad pricey. Don't get me wrong, you can't truly judge a clothing's worth until you actually touch, feel, and wear it, but, I did stumble across a sweater in their sale section that is sold at Forever 21... on sale, for what it sells for at full price at Forever 21. Ouch.

But hey, ModCloth offers "Free Returns & Quick Exchanges" so when you get that Christmas money burning a hole in your pocket, give them a try. I probably will.

Tide is High Dress $52.99 available at ModCloth

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